Samsung's Bixby Can Clone Your Voice to Answer Phone Calls

From PC Mag: Using software to clone people's voices can be creepy and a security hazard. But Samsung has decided to bring voice-cloning technology to consumers through its virtual assistant Bixby.

The smartphone vendor is adding the voice-cloning capability to Bixby’s text-to-call feature, which can be handy for times when you’re in a noisy area. Through the feature(Opens in a new window), an incoming voice call will be converted to text. You can then type in your response and Bixby will read out your text reply to the caller on the other end.

Already available for English users, Bixby’s text-to-call feature currently has several default artificial voices. But now the company wants to let users personalize the capability by lending their own voice.

“Using the new Bixby Custom Voice Creator, users can record different sentences for Bixby to analyze and create an AI generated copy of their voice and tone,” Samsung says(Opens in a new window).

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