Intel Xeon W CPU Sneak Peek Shows It Nearing 1,000 Watts of Power Consumption

From ExtremeTech: Intel recently announced its lineup of Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPUs for workstations. They’re still a month or two away, but in the lead-up to the on-sale date, Intel invited German overclocker de8auer to its labs for a quick overclocking test. That some Sapphire Rapids workstation CPUs are overclockable is both a first for Intel and a big selling point. To demonstrate the possibilities, de8auer and an Intel employee showed some impressive preliminary results, despite it being on pre-release hardware. However, the performance comes at the cost of serious power consumption.

The chip being tested here is the flagship W9-3495X, which has 56 cores and 112 threads. The motherboard is an Intel validation board, so it’s fairly pedestrian as far as VRM cooling goes. The CPU is cooled by a 360mm AIO made by Cooler Master. There’s 192GB of DDR5 running at 5,600MHz across eight channels. As the host notes, a system like this would probably start at around $10,000.

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