Intel's CEO Fires Back at 3nm Delay Rumors

From Tom's Hardware: Pat Gelsinger, chief executive of Intel, this week addressed rumors that the CPU giant was delaying products made using the company's own Intel 3 and TSMC's N3 (both are 3nm-class) fabrication technologies. The CEO re-emphasized that all 3nm projects announced so far were set to be released in 2024.

"The 3nm programs are on track, both that with TSMC as well as our internal Intel 3 programs Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest in particular," said Gelsinger at the company's Intel Capital Allocation Update conference call. "I am somewhat amazed by some of these rumor mill discussions that come out. You might notice there were similar ones on Intel 4 a few months ago, and also with some of our other TSMC programs, which were patently false at the time as well."

So far, Intel has disclosed three products set to be made using 3nm class manufacturing technologies.

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