AMD Executives Receive Large Bonuses Amid Industry Downturn

From Tom's Hardware: AMD approved hefty six-figure bonuses for several top execs earlier this month — at least four AMD VPs and the CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, will pocket substantial annual cash bonuses. In contrast, Intel’s diligent team faces painful salary cuts and suspended bonuses despite the bullish statements from Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in 2022 when he talked about AMD being in the rear-view mirror.

Dr. Su received the biggest performance bonus — nearly a million dollars ($918,800) — for steering the red team’s ship through choppy waters to enjoy the success we continue to see. The four VPs named in the SEC filing will receive bonuses between $300,000 and $375,000. One of the VPs most readers will be familiar with is Mark Papermaster, the CTO, and ELVP of Technology and Engineering.

As for Intel, the company faces mounting difficulties highlighted during its most recent catastrophic quarter. In brief, mid-level and higher-ranked execs face pay cuts between 5 and 15%, with Pat Gelsinger taking a 25% cut. Wage raises and bonuses are out of the picture for these same execs, but hourly employees will still receive bonuses.

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