Motorola's Rollable Phone Is a Wild Futuristic Concept

From CNET: Motorola made a big impression in 2020 with its clamshell-folding Razr, and it's taken the flexible display to new heights at this year's MWC in Barcelona. The Motorola rollable phone concept has a display that wraps around the bottom of the phone. That rolled-up screen can then automatically extend outwards to create a bigger display, or roll away and provide a handy second screen.

I got my hands on the phone and although it's just a proof of concept, it actually works. Double-pressing a button on the side unrolls the phone, with the display extending beyond the top edge to create a larger 16:9 display. Double press again and it gently slides its way back in.

Certain apps will trigger the transformation automatically: If you're watching a YouTube video and turn the phone into a horizontal position, as the YouTube app automatically flips orientation, the display will also extend outwards, providing a bigger surface to immerse you more in your content of choice.

In my demo, I also saw how the phone will remain in its smaller mode when swiping through your emails, but tapping "Compose" triggers the screen to extend, providing more room for the keyboard.

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