TikTok Will Limit Teen Screen Time to 60 Minutes by Default

From CNET: TikTok said Wednesday that it wants teens to be more aware of the time they spend on the popular app for short-form videos.

The tech company said it'll set screen time limits for teens by default and release new features so parents have more control over their children's use of social media.

TikTok users under 18 years old will have their screen time limit automatically set to 60 minutes. The short-form video app said this default screen time will apply to new and existing accounts that haven't already used this tool. Teens can turn off this setting, but if they do so and spend more than 100 minutes on the app in a day, TikTok will prompt them to set a daily screen time limit. TikTok will also set a 60-minute limit by default for people under 13 years old who use a version of the app meant for younger users.

TikTok has been adding more parental controls as lawmakers, child advocacy groups and others raise concerns about how social media apps can harm the mental health of teens. Younger users are spending more of their time on apps such as TikTok. TikTok recommends videos based on what the platform thinks users are interested in, so people can sometimes find themselves mindlessly scrolling down a rabbit hole of videos for hours. Researchers at the Center for Countering Digital Hate found that TikTok, has recommended self-harm and eating disorder content to users. Teens also struggle to avoid seeing harmful videos on TikTok.

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