Meta Cuts Prices on Quest 2, Quest Pro VR Headsets

From CNET: Meta's reducing prices on its VR headsets again. The news comes less than a year after Meta (formerly Facebook) increased the price of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset (formerly, and sometimes still, the Oculus Quest 2).

The changes, announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg this morning, go into effect March 5. The entry-level Quest 2 with 128GB of storage is still $400, but the model with 256GB storage will drop down to $430, making it a $30 step-up for double the app space vs. $100 more previously. Both Quest 2 models currently come bundled with two games: Golf+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX. International prices were not immediately available but $430 is roughly £360 or AU$640.

The Meta Quest Pro, which started at $1,500 (AU$2,550, £1,500) last October and is nearing its half-year anniversary, got a temporary price drop to $1,100 earlier this year. It will drop to $1,000.

I wouldn't recommend you get either of these headsets, though -- not now, at least. The Quest 2 is a great standalone VR headset with tons of games, and remains CNET's pick as the best overall VR headset, but it's two and a half years old and Meta's Quest 3 successor is expected this fall. According to a leaked internal meeting at Meta, which The Verge received, it'll be more expensive than the Quest 2, but it should be smaller, have improved mixed-reality features and have a faster processor. After that, Meta may have an even more affordable new headset in 2024.

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