Discord is adding an AI chatbot, moderator, and art

From PC World: Discord is adding AI to its platform in the form of ChatGPT and generative art, which will manifest as a chatbot and options to manage chats and create custom avatar profiles.

Discord plans to roll out a public ChatGPT-powered chatbot named “Clyde” beginning next week, alongside a new technology to summarize Discord chats in a sidebar, called conversation summaries. This Friday, Discord will update its AutoMod automatic moderation bot to include AI-powered moderation, examining the content of moderated chats to determine if a server’s rules are being followed. All three are considered public experiments, with updated, further rollouts to come later.

Discord also showed off early progress in two new features it hopes to add later: the ability to “remix” Discord avatars, as well as an updated real-time whiteboard feature that can take sketches and transform them into generative AI art, via a prompt.

It might seem like most applications are hurriedly adding AI to their core functions, though Discord was on the cutting edge, early on. Midjourney’s AI art generator uses Discord as its only UI, in part because Midjourney chief executive David Holz led a self-funded team and didn’t have the time or resources to invest in a UI or social media model, he said during a briefing. Discord disclosed that Midjourney has 13 million subscribers as of March 2023. Slack, a Discord rival in the productivity space, has also announced an AI-powered chatbot, and Google and Microsoft have already launched their own AI-powered search or plan to.

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