Brave Firewall + VPN arrives on Windows

From PC World: Brave has expanded its browser/firewall/VPN service, known as Brave Firewall + VPN, to Windows with the release of Brave 1.49, the company said Monday.

Brave, of course, is typically known for its privacy-centric browser, which has existed for several years. Recently, it expanded into VPN services, though just for Android and iOS. Today, Brave’s Firewall + VPN service can now run on top of Windows and MacOS for $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Each subscription supports up to five devices in total. (If you already subscribe to the mobile service, you can simply add your PC.)

Google recently said that the company would add its VPN by Google One for all Google One subscribers. Brave’s offer works a bit differently. For one, Brave isn’t supplying its own VPN itself; instead, it’s working with Guardian to provide its VPN. Google’s VPN also didn’t allow you to select from any other regions, thus preventing you from sampling Netflix options in foreign countries; Brave’s browser VPN does, though it’s not clear how flexible those options are.

Google’s connection to its VPN works across the operating system, with what Google calls a “blinded” interface that prevents the network from identifying the client. Brave’s VPN service doesn’t collect identifying information, including cookies, nor logs it, but the VPN is confined to the browser—sort of.

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