Samsung Rolls Out (Slightly) Cheaper QD-OLED TV, Matching LG's Prices

From CNET: High-end TVs with OLED screens deliver the best picture quality in our tests, and this year Samsung is doubling down on its QD-OLED TVs -- and making them a bit easier on the wallet. The company will offer two different series, the flagship S95C announced earlier this year and the all-new, less-expensive S90C.

The 55-inch S90C goes for $1,900, which happens to be the same price as LG's 55-inch C3 OLED TV. This parity sets the stage for a price war between the two Korean rivals, where each company could match or undercut the other to increase sales. Samsung's QD-OLED technology, which debuted last year, uses quantum dots and promises better color and higher brightness than previous OLED TVs. Until now, it was generally more-expensive too.

LG says its higher-end 2023 OLED TVs, namely the G3 model, are brighter this year as well. LG also offers a wider array of OLED TV sizes than Samsung, from 42 inches up to 97 inches, and cheaper series like the B3. The LG C2 from 2022 remains my favorite high-end TV, but LG faces stiffer competition than ever from Samsung and Sony, which means more choices and potentially more savings for TV shoppers.

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