Snap launches a new business to help retailers with AR shopping

From The Verge: For years, Snapchat has allowed you to try on new lipstick shades, hats, and outfits from major retailers. But starting today, you’ll be able to apply these Snapchat-powered capabilities in other apps.

Snap just announced a new business unit, AR Enterprise Services (ARES), that’ll equip retailers with tools so you can try on clothes, jewelry, and more from various brands — all from the comfort of your home.

The new ARES business aims to help retailers increase conversions and reduce return rates with augmented reality shopping tools. To this end, ARES will provide its customers with professional services, including product marketing to customer support. That’s in addition to tools included in its first solution — the “Shopping Suite” — which is oriented toward retailers across verticals like fashion, apparel, accessories, and home furnishings.

The Shopping Suite includes virtual try-on features that allow customers to try on products like clothes, sunglasses, and shoes. They can upload a photo of themselves to see how they’d look or interact with AR experiences to see how the product would look on their bodies in real time.

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