HP’s new Victus gaming laptop might be the cheapest way to get an RTX 4070

From The Verge: For those (like myself) who get a little pit in their stomachs every time they see how much any given year’s best gaming laptops cost, the HP Victus series — a budget line that has become one of Best Buy’s most popular products in the two years since its release — is a welcome breath of fresh air.

HP made a bunch of flashy announcements at its Amplify Partner Conference today, but buried within them is one I actually think could make a difference for a lot of shoppers: the Victus 16 has been refreshed for 2023, and it’s gone a little bit wild.

Specifically, the Victus 16 is now available with an RTX 4070 graphics card. The 2021 Victus 16 only went up to an RTX 3050 Ti (a model currently listed at $949). Even if you include the older Victus 15, which has a broader range of chip options, the top option I’m seeing currently available is an RTX 3060. Needless to say, we can expect significantly better performance from that 4070 system than we would from RTX 3050 Ti or RTX 3060 models.

In terms of processors, the new Victus maxes out at either an Intel Core i7-13700HX or an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS. These are high-end chips, ones you’d expect to see in a very expensive laptop. And while I obviously can’t say for sure as of this writing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Victus is one of the most affordable ways to get any of these three chips in 2023.

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