Prepare your ears for Wikipedia’s ‘sound of all human knowledge’

From The Verge: With more and more information being delivered via audio sources like voice assistants, the Wikimedia Foundation thought it was time to adopt a so-called “sound logo” for Wikipedia and its other projects. Think of it as Wikipedia’s equivalent of the Netflix “ta-dum,” the HBO “aaaaaaah,” or Intel’s iconic five-note chime. After an exhaustive search via “Sound of All Human Knowledge” contest, Wikimedia thinks it found an audio clip representing its mission.

The winning entry was submitted by Thaddeus Osborne, a nuclear engineer and part-time music producer from Virginia, USA. Here’s how he describes the sound:

“My sound logo welcomes its audience into a world of information. The sound of a page turning quickly becomes a library like a whirlwind of typing, clicking, and paper rustling that promises vast stores of wisdom followed by a friendly invitation. This is what I perceive the Wikimedia movement to be about, the open and encouraged sharing of knowledge. Lots and lots of knowledge.”

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