China's Powerstar CPU Seemingly 'Confirmed' as Intel Silicon via Geekbench

From Tom's Hardware: The Chinese Powerstar P3-01105 CPU has popped up in the Geekbench v5 online result browser. Importantly, the benchmark's system information section appears to confirm that this 4C / 8T chip is quite certainly Intel-produced, as this Socket 1200 LGA part has an A0653 (GenuineIntel) CPUID, and purportedly uses the Intel Comet Lake architecture.

Earlier this month we reported on the newly launched first generation Powerstar P3-01105 CPU. China's PowerLeader framed the chip as a home-grown product using the "storm core" architecture, while remaining x86 compatible. However, there was quite a weight of evidence already pointing to the 'Chinese' chip being a rebranded Intel Core i3-10105(F) Comet Lake CPU with 4C / 8T.

The new evidence from Geekbench is probably more than enough for most people to be certain about the provenance of the Powerstar P3-01105 CPU. However, we still must retain some doubt, as pranksters fiddle with things like Geekbench system info reports just for fun.

PowerLeader has the ambitious target of selling 1.5 million units of its Powerstar P3-01105 CPU. We think that the CPU being a 'Genuine Intel' part can only help in this goal, as the "storm cores" touted at launch had no history, and even optimists would expect some glitches in an actual 'first gen' product.

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