Thermaltake Launches the CTE Form Factor Series Chassis

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is proud to announce the launch of the CTE Form Factor Series. Thermaltake’s innovative CTE Form Factor design, which stands for Centralized Thermal Efficiency, is focused on providing high-level thermal performance to critical components. The chassis in the series include: CTE C750 Air, CTE C750 TG ARGB, CTE C700 Air, CTE C700 TG ARGB, CTE T500 Air, and CTE T500 TG ARGB, all of which are available in black and snow versions.

Product Highlights
CTE C750 Air Full Tower Chassis
CTE C750 TG ARGB Full Tower Chassis
CTE C700 Air Mid Tower Chassis
CTE C700 TG ARGB Mid Tower Chassis
CTE T500 Air Full Tower Chassis
CTE T500 TG ARGB Full Tower Chassis

The CTE Form Factor Series uses a 90-degree rotation of the motherboard to allow for more effective airflow pathways to efficiently cool even the most demanding hardware. This allows the CPU and graphics card, to have independent airflow paths by being moved much closer toward cold air brought in through the front panel and rear panel respectively. The cold air intake from the three directions (front, rear, and bottom sides) and the hot air exhausted out the top provide optimal airflow for cooling performance. Additionally, each CTE Form Factor Series Chassis is pre-installed three CT140 cooling fans which are Thermaltake’s new generation of PWM fans. These fans reach a maximum speed of 1500RPM and are made with specially tuned fan blades that can push air further.

The CTE Form Factor Series is designed to have maximum customizability for different types of cooling components, including AIO liquid cooling, air cooling, and custom liquid cooling. The case features support for up to a 420 mm AIO radiator and with the case’s included fan brackets, pump and reservoir bracket inside, PC building enthusiasts can create their dream PC with any kind of cooler easily. Additionally, the 4 mm thick tempered glass window panel on the left of the CTE Form Factor Series allows for full display of the gorgeous build inside.

With the Centralized Thermal Efficiency design and numerous options for cooling, the CTE Form Factor Series is an ideal chassis for AIO and DIY lovers. Please stay tuned to our official sites for the latest information, as the CTE Form Factor Series will be officially available soon!

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CTE C750 TG ARGB Black-
CTE C750 TG ARGB Snow-…
CTE C750 Air Black-
CTE C750 Air Snow-