You can now stream your gameplay to Microsoft Teams

From PC Word: If you’re streaming your gameplay to a group of friends and/or family, there’s a new option in town: Microsoft Teams. Yes, you read that right. Microsoft has added a new integration for the Xbox Game Bar that allows livestreaming to the company’s business-focused chat and video-calling app.

As reported by The Verge, a new “Microsoft Teams Play Together” widget enables the integration in Windows. Once you install it via the Microsoft Store app, you can share your desktop to Teams, allowing your friends to watch your game. You can also join video calls while playing, which lets you see friends and family as an overlay on your game. Up to 20 people can be in a call at one time.

You might assume this feature was originally intended for work purposes, but it’s truly meant to have a gaming bent. Microsoft says this integration enables “a place to hang out while watching and playing games.” As you might recall, rumors circulated back in 2021 about Microsoft potentially acquiring Discord, but a buyout never happened. Instead, it appears Microsoft crafted its own take on Discord’s most popular features.

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