Apple to Start Paying Out $500M in iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit

From CNET: iPhone owners who were part of a class action lawsuit against Apple, alleging it deliberately slowed down its old iPhones to get people to upgrade to the latest model, will finally be getting their payout. A judge has cleared the way for the payments to proceed, as reported last week by

The settlement received preliminary approval in March 2020. The window for being part of the settlement has long passed, but according to, there were around 3 million claims. Those people are now awaiting their $65 check, more than three years later.

The payouts were slowed down by two iPhone owners who objected to some of the terms of the settlement but who have just lost their appeal in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, according to the report.

Apple had faced the lawsuit after admitting in 2017 that its iOS software had slowed down older iPhone performance. At the time, the tech giant apologized and updated its software, also offering replacement batteries.

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