Corsair debuts a modular stand-up desk that transforms to fit your PC build

From PC World: “Gaming” desks are more often flash than substance, furniture that focuses more on RGB lights or a massive mouse pad than the actual utility or ergonomics of office furniture. Corsair is looking to buck that trend with the Platform:6, a desk that features both powered stand-up functionality (my ruined spine says thanks!) and modular add-ons for all the gear your battlestation demands. The desk gets an official debut at Gamescom in Germany, but won’t be ready to ship until the fourth quarter of this year.

In its default state, the Platform:6 (spotted by The Verge) is a six-foot wide black laminate desk with a steel frame and no motors — pretty basic stuff. The first upgrades available are standing motors with the usual LCD controller plus a “walnut-stained rubberwood” for a more classy surface. The really interesting stuff comes from the add-ons. Corsair says that the desk features an “expandable rail system,” which can add rear shelves, a crossbar for directly mounting monitors and microphone stands, elevated speaker platforms, and even workshop-style pegboards for hanging gear or decorations.

The surface of the desk itself can be expanded by 30cm on either side with added wood and more pegboards can be bolted onto the lower frame for easy access to cables, headphones, or even 3D-printed whatchamacallits that you design yourself. A rear-mounted cable organizer is a natural addition, but speaking as a standing desk user of many years, it’s odd that there’s no way to mount a desktop PC below the desk for maximum surface area and clean cable management.

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