Qualcomm's 'Holy Grail': Generative AI Is Coming to Phones Soon

From CNET: Generative AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney have dazzled imaginations and disrupted industries, but their debut has mostly been limited to browser windows on desktop computers. Next year, you'll be able to make use of generative AI on the go once premium phones launch with Qualcomm's top-tier chips inside.

Phones have used AI for years to touch up photos and improve autocorrect, but generative AI tools could bring the next level of enhancements to the mobile experience. Qualcomm is building generative AI into its next generation of premium chips, which are set to debut at its annual Qualcomm Summit in Hawaii in late October.

Summit attendees will get to experience firsthand what generative AI will bring to phones, but Qualcomm senior vice president of product management Ziad Asghar described to CNET why users should get excited for on-device AI. For one, having access to a user's data -- driving patterns, restaurant searches, photos and more -- all in one place will make solutions generated by AI in your phone much more customized and helpful than general responses from cloud-based generative AI.

"I think that's going to be the holy grail," Asghar said. "That's the true promise that makes us really excited about where this technology can go."

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