Thermaltake Introduces the New-Colored TOUGHAIR 710 CPU Cooler in Black

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is delighted to release the TOUGHAIR 710 Black CPU Cooler, a CPU air cooler designed for the toned-down black aesthetics. The TOUGHAIR 710 Black is a new edition to the TOUGHAIR series and features a Dual-Tower Dual Fan Design, providing superior cooling performance for the latest Intel and AMD CPUs. Now this new-colored TOUGHAIR 710 Black is worldwide available for purchase!

If you are a non-RGB lover and want to build a low-profile but eye-catching PC, look closer to the TOUGHAIR 710 Black. The TOUGHAIR 710 Black is inspired by the shadows and is composed entirely of black components, increasing a sense of mystery and nobleness. Designed for high-performance CPUs, the TOUGHAIR 710 Black comes with the Dual-Tower Dual Fan Design, doubling everything to achieve exceptional cooling performance. To fit all main-stream CPUs, the TOUGHAIR 710 Black is compatible with various Intel and AMD sockets, including the latest Intel 1700 and AM5.

The TOUGHAIR 710 Black keeps the classic asymmetric fin structure of the TOUGHAIR Series and extends the fin stack for a larger heat dissipation area, offering an effective thermal solution. Besides that, the two 140mm fans of the TOUGHAIR 710 leverage the design concept of the TOUGHFAN 14, striking an ideal balance between maximizing performance and minimizing noise. These fans possess an airflow of 81.96 CFM and a static pressure of 1.81 mm-H2O while keeping the noise level at 23.9 dB-A. Additionally, you can easily adjust the fan position to fit the memory height up to 48mm, bringing more flexibility while creating a build. To ensure the TOUGHAIR 710 Black’s cooling performance, it’s built with a copper base with anti-corrosive nickel plating, connecting with seven black Ø6mm U-shape copper heat pipes running through the fin towers, maximizing heat distribution from the heat source.

The TOUGHAIR 710 Black CPU Cooler features a Dual-Tower Dual Fan Design, allowing full support for the high-end CPU with its advanced thermal performance. Its black style conveys low-profile aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for an all-black PC setup!

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