Zoom's New 'AI Companion' Will Catch You Up When You're Late to Meetings

From CNET: Zoom AI Companion, the new name for the video call platform's generative artificial intelligence tool, is "significantly" expanding its capabilities beginning this fall, Zoom said Tuesday. AI Companion will be available at no additional cost if you already pay for the video-meeting service, according to the announcement.

Zoom said customers can soon expect to see the AI tool throughout the platform, including in Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Email, Whiteboard and "additional features on the roadmap." Some features will be available immediately, while others will launch over the coming months, Zoom said.

Arguably Zoom's most well-known feature is video chatting for work meetings. One of Zoom AI Companion's new capabilities allows for you to quickly catch up if you're late to a Zoom meeting by asking questions through a side panel. Post-meeting, you can get Zoom recordings with highlights and smart chapters broken out, as well as auto-generated meeting summaries (as long as the meeting's host enables these features).

By this spring, Zoom says its AI tool will be able to provide "real-time feedback" on its perception of your performance in meetings, as well as coaching you on your conversational and presenting skills.

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