YEYIAN GAMING Unveils DRAGOON and LANCER Mid-Tower Gaming PC Cases

From Yeyian Press Release: YEYIAN GAMING proudly introduces a dynamic expansion of their PC gaming component family. The unveiling includes two remarkable mid-tower gaming PC cases, the DRAGOON and LANCER, as well as an impressive trio of ARGB VATN AIO liquid coolers, available in 120 and 240 mm sizes. This latest release amplifies options for creating unparalleled gaming experiences through cutting-edge technology.

The DRAGOON and LANCER mid-tower gaming PC cases are primed to set new benchmarks in performance and aesthetics. These ATX accommodate ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards while seamlessly supporting AMD Ryzen 7000 and NVIDIA RTX 4000 series graphics cards with up to 345mm clearance. This synergy of form and function defines the epitome of gaming excellence.

At the heart of the ARGB VATN AIO liquid coolers lies an advanced cooling design that redefines thermal management. Boasting a high-capacity 27mm radiator and a revolutionary ARGB auto-adjustable PWM fan with hydraulic bearings, the ARGB VATN series promises to elevate the thermal performance to unprecedented heights, all while ensconcing the PC build in captivating style. This AIO liquid cooling solution is available in 120mm and 240mm radiator sizes, which becomes a beacon of serenity amidst the most intense gaming moments.


Key Features
• 4 ARGB PWM Fans: Front: 3*120mm ARGB PWM fans, Rear: 1*120mm ARGB PWM fan
• Motherboard Compatibility: Support ATX, Micro-ATX, ITX motherboard
• ATX PSU Compatibility: Up to 165mm (with HDD)/ Up to 300mm (without HDD)
• Maximum Air Flow: Front: 3*120mm ARGB PWM fans, Rear: 1*120mm ARGB PWM fan
• Support 155mm Tower CPU Cooler: Support up to 155mm CPU AIR cooler
• Max VGA Graphic Card ≤ 320mm
• Front Access & Controls: Power, Reset, USB2.0*2, USB3.0*1, Headphone/Mic Combo Jack
• Optional - Support AIO Liquid Cooling: Front ≤ 360mm or Rear :120 mm

YEYIAN DRAGOON and LANCER are sleek-looking mid-tower ATX gaming cases that combine practical cooling designs and smart interior arrangements for optimal performance. The spacious interior accommodates standard ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards and supports most high-end graphics cards on the market with 345mm of clearance, avoiding interference. They are also compatible with tower CPU air coolers up to 155mm in maximum height. Cable management has been optimized with 31mm depth behind the motherboard tray to offer ample cable storage and extended space to hide two 2.5" SSDs.

DRAGOON and LANCER gaming PC cases come with four ARGB PWM 120mm cooling fans preinstalled (3 x fans in the front, 1 x fan in the rear). A fan remote control is bundled with the PC case allowing users to customize their RGB lighting effects with various setting options and create an RGB color theme of their choice. Eight 120mm or 4 x 140mm fans can be installed, including radiators up to 280/360 mm making DRAGOON AND LANCER a fully optimized gaming chassis for any cooling solution.

YEYIAN ARGB VATN All-in-One CPU Liquid Coolers

Key Features
• Powerful Water Pump for Optimized Heat Dissipation
• ARGB Infinity Mirror Design
• Support PWM Temperature Control
• Core Cooling Innovation

The YEYIAN Liquid Cooler System ARGB VATN Series is equipped with high-capacity 27mm radiators and a new-gen ARGB auto-adjustable PWM fan with hydraulic bearings, which aims to bring out an unprecedented thermal performance with serenity and style to any mainstream gaming PC build. The ARGB VATN series All-in-One liquid cooler will be available with radiator sizes of 120mm, 240mm and feature silent ARGB 120mm fans that operate the noise level between 25~32 dBA.

The pure copper cold plate of the water block is designed to deliver superior heat dissipation to the processor, and the bundled universal mounting system supports the latest INTEL 13th Gen LGA 1700/1200/115X and AMD socket AM5/AM4 socket CPUs. The YEYIAN GAMING logo takes center stage, adorned in an entrancing infinity mirror effect, enlivened by ARGB lights on the rotatable water block/pump covers.
"Our new DRAGOON and LANCER gaming mid-towers offer enhanced solutions to control heat generation in modern PCs, crucial for maintaining system stability," emphasized Frank Lee, VP of YEYIAN GAMING. "Additionally, our cutting-edge ARGB VATN AIO liquid CPU cooler offers a high-performance design and stylish ARGB effects, making it the ideal cooling upgrade for the latest INTEL and AMD processors. This synergistic pairing perfectly complements the aesthetics and prowess of all YEYIAN GAMING PC cases, including the standout DRAGOON and LANCER," Frank Lee elaborated.

DRAGOON, LANCER gaming PC cases, and ARGB VATN Series 120/240 mm AIO Liquid Coolers are backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty. They are available on Amazon, Newegg, YEYIAN Webstore, and major US e-tailers.