AMD Unveils Final 4th Gen Epyc CPU Code-Named Siena

From ExtremeTech: AMD has announced the final CPU in its 4th generation lineup of Zen 4 processors for the data center with its new Siena line of 8004 CPUs. This lineup will occupy the bottom rung on the performance ladder in exchange for maximum efficiency, as it's designed for smaller deployments where cost and square footage are paramount concerns. The addition of Siena to the Epyc lineup plugs a big hole in the lineup, as all the previous processors were designed for either maximum performance or maximum thread counts. Siena tops out at just 64 cores and exclusively uses the company's efficiency-focused Zen 4c cores.

To quickly recap, the 4th gen Epyc family includes four CPU lineups. There's Genoa, which is the "standard" server CPU with 96 Zen 4 cores. Then there's the Genoa-X, which is Genoa but with V-Cache for 1.1GB of L3 cache. For workloads where maximum core count is required, there's Bergamo, which has 128 Zen 4c cores for 256 threads. Then there's the new kid, Siena, which offers "balanced performance" along with superior performance-per-watt compared to its competitors. AMD is targeting cloud service, intelligent edge, and telcos with Siena.

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