Uber Will Save You a Trip to the Post Office With New Package-Return Feature

From CNET: Just ahead of the holiday season, Uber has announced a new feature that'll let you return or ship packages without stepping foot in a post office, as long as you already have the materials and proper labels.

To use it, you'll prepay your package and prepare it as you normally would at the post office, but you can request that someone pick it and drop it off for you. (For this reason, the feature is more helpful for returning packages where you're likely to already have the label printed, rather than new packages.)

The new feature builds on expansions like Uber Connect, which allows you to request a driver to send a package. With Return a Package, you can request a courier to pick up up to five packages at a time and drop them off at a post office, UPS or FedEx.

Starting Wednesday, it'll be available in cities across the US, including San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Washington, DC. For a full list, check out the company's blog post.

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