PlayStation Access Controller Makes Gaming More Seamless for People With Disabilities

From CNET: Announced earlier this year, Sony has built a customizable controller kit for the PlayStation 5 designed for players with disabilities, and it invited CNET to play around with it. The Access controller features large, swappable buttons and stick caps, and players can configure the button layout to suit their needs. The controller also sits flat on a table or wheelchair tray, making it easier to use and access all commands. It's available for preorder now, and will be released Dec. 6, costing $90.

Alvin Daniel, senior technical program manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said having accessible games and consoles isn't enough if the controller isn't also accessible.

"Our PlayStation Studios have done an amazing job with each title and really pushing the boundaries as far as accessible gaming," Daniel said "The critical link in that chain is the controller."

The Access controller is circular and features buttons all along the edge, as well as a joystick jutting out from the side. It can be played at any 360-degree position, so you can set it to operate however best suits your needs and mobility. It also has four expansion ports so players can attach any additional controllers or accessories.

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