Apple Watch Ultra 2 Gets More New Diving Tools

From CNET: The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has plenty of features for fitness enthusiasts. But divers in particular get two exclusive features: Apple's own Depth app and Oceanic Plus from Huish Outdoors that turns your Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer.

Both the original Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 get new features for free diving and improvements to the overall dive experience with Oceanic Plus 2.0. Free diving is a specific type of diving without using a tank, instead relying on the diver to hold their breath for an extended period of time.

The app has a free version, but requires a $10 monthly subscription to unlock the free diving features, photo editing tools and more comprehensive dive computer tools. My CNET colleague Jesse Orrall tested the first Oceanic Plus app with the Apple Watch Ultra in Catalina, California, and found it a helpful dive tool, albeit with some limitations.

There's a new stealth mode that dims the screen by 90% when you free dive, so you don't disturb marine life. It also silences all alarms and any haptic feedback from the app. There's also a new option in free diving mode to set custom alarms for metrics like target depth and maximum dive time.

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