Raspberry Pi 5 Launches to Eager Makers

From Tom's Hardware: The Raspberry Pi 5 has been launched after the longest gap between releases in the product's history. The Raspberry Pi 4 was released in 2019, and a global chip supply shortage and pandemic may have some impact on the protracted release cycle.

Yes, you can now pre-order the latest quad-core Raspberry Pi 5 with a 2.4 GHz CPU and the latest VideoCore VII 800 MHz GPU. Right now, configurations have 4 ($60) or 8GB ($80) of RAM, with 1 and 2GB models to come. These prices are only $5 more than a Raspberry Pi 4, but you get much more performance for that extra $5!

All that power means there is heat, and the Raspberry Pi 5 does run a little warm. Sure, you can run it without cooling, but thermal throttling will soon slow you down. Luckily, the Raspberry Pi team offers an optional active cooler designed solely for the Raspberry Pi 5. Using new mounting holes the cooler connects to the SoC, Wi-Fi, and RP1 chip to keep them cool using a heatsink and fan assembly.

The Raspberry Pi 5 also provides a new PCIe 2.0 breakout for future add-ons such as the M.2 HAT. Soon, we will be booting our Raspberry Pi 5 from a speedy NVMe SSD, likely to be in early 2024. For now, we can manage with the super-speedy micro SD cards. The PCIe connector is located where the DSI display connector used to be; this means that the DSI connector has moved next to the CSI camera connector, and the analog audio/video jack is now gone (well, it is accessible on the PCB). The bonus for this move is that we now get dual camera support, the first time on a "model B" Raspberry Pi. Using the combined CSI / DSI connectors, we can have dual screens and cameras on one of each. The connectors use the same flat flex cable as the Raspberry Pi Zero range of boards.

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