ARCTIC guarantees Compatibility with Intel LGA 1851

From ARCTIC Press Release: In the next year, Intel will release the new Arrow Lake processors on the LGA 1851 socket – ARCTIC customers don’t have to worry about new coolers being needed for the new CPUs.

The cooler specialist already assures guaranteed compatibility: all LGA-1700 compatible ARCTIC coolers can also be used with Intel’s new LGA 1851 socket without restrictions. The mechanical dimensions will remain identical according to current knowledge – but completely independent of speculations, ARCTIC already eliminates any risk in advance and promises:

“Any respective cooler purchased from October ’23 will fit the 1851
– we’ll make sure of it.”

Free Upgrade Kits

If an upgrade is necessary, customers will receive a free upgrade kit directly from the manufacturer when the new socket goes on sale.

ARCTIC customers can switch to the new system with a clear conscience and can always rely on optimal performance and maximum service.