96-Core AMD Threadripper Hits 6GHz on All Cores With LN2

From ExtremeTech: AMD's overclocking team has been hard at work over the past week overclocking the company's latest Threadripper CPU to see just how far they can go with it. They started their tests on a high-end air cooler before moving to an exotic liquid cooler, and as we predicted when they posted those results, they have now moved on to the final stage of the experiment—liquid nitrogen.

Although the previous overclocking tests were performed by Bill "Sampson" Alverson from AMD, the LN2 project was tackled by two teams consisting of Alverson and Emit Mehra from AMD, and Jon "Elmor" Sandström along with Roman "Der8auer" Hartung, who is widely known for his prior overclocking adventures. In the previous tests, Alverson was able to juice the chip to 4.8GHz on all cores using an air-cooler, then up to 5GHz on liquid. Using LN2, both teams were able to increase those clock frequencies considerably. With the 96-core CPU running at a chilly -32C, Der8auer and Elmor were able to get the clocks all the way up to 6Hz on all cores, while AMD staffer Sampson was able to get the chip to 5.55GHz, according to Tom's Hardware.

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