Specs Leak for AMD's Upcoming AM5 8000G APU Lineup

From ExtremeTech: AMD has been rumored to consider releasing upgraded desktop APUs with Zen 4 cores since the architecture launched over a year ago, but it has yet to do so. The only Zen 4 APUs, which are CPUs with integrated graphics, are for mobile. Now, a new leak shows AMD will be repurposing its Zen 4 "Phoenix" mobile chips for desktop duty and dubbed the Ryzen 8000G series. These will be the first desktop CPUs from AMD with Zen 4 cores and integrated RDNA 3 graphics, making them appealing for gamers on a budget.

The newest leak regarding these chips comes from a Middle Eastern site named Sakhtafzar Mag, and it lists specs for 14 SKUs that will comprise the Ryzen 8000 series of APUs. Like yesterday's leak about "Hawk Point" 8000 series APUs for mobile, these chips will use the same numbering but be bound for the desktop on the company's latest AM5 socket. If you recall, the existing 6000 series APUs are mobile chips, and the current 5000 series APUs for desktops are Zen 3 CPUs with Vega graphics. Therefore, the jump to Zen 4 and RDNA 3 is a big one, and according to the slides included in the report from Sakhtafzar, it should offer considerable gains in performance across the board.

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