After Years of Delays, Tesla Delivers First 12 Cybertrucks, Confirms Price and Range

From PC Mag: The first Tesla Cybertruck customers finally received their vehicles today. They've been patient: Tesla first announced the futuristic electric pickup in 2019, and pushed back deliveries several years as the company worked through design and production issues.

A dozen customers received their vehicles at a livestreamed delivery event. Tesla says it has over a million pre-orders for the truck, and aims to produce 200,000 of them per year. (Pre-orders require a $250 refundable deposit.)

Tesla also finally confirmed the truck's price and range. It will come in three trims, according to the updated order page. The cheapest, rear-wheel drive model is not available until 2025. It starts at $60,990 with 250-mile range—a steep hike from the 2019 price of $39,990, The Verge reports—and goes from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds.

The two trims available in 2024 are the all-wheel drive version ($79,990 starting, 340-mile range, 4.1 seconds from 0-60), as well as the "Cyberbeast." The latter starts at $99,990 with a 320-mile range. It has the fastest 0-60 time of the three, at 2.6 seconds, and a whopping 845 horsepower.

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