Palit made a silent, passive-cooled version of the RTX 3050 6GB GPU

From PC World: It doesn’t use a 25-pound block of solid copper, but a variant of the brand new 6GB version of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3050 budget card can make do without an active cooling system just the same. Palit has just revealed the custom “KalmX” version of the card, preserving the same specs as other editions, but using a relatively large passive cooler to let it run silently. The 6GB 3050 is no record-breaker, but this is probably the most powerful GPU on the market without an integrated fan at the moment.

As reports, the Palit KalmX GeForce (deep breath) RTX 3050 6GB also has another relatively novel feature: a DVI port. That’s a video standard we haven’t seen in a long time…a long time. With this collection of features, combined with the 6GB card’s ability to run off the power from a PCIe motherboard slot alone like the GTX 1650 predecessor, this version of the card might be a popular choice for those looking to give a little more graphical power to an aging desktop system. The GTX 1650 also had a silent KalmX version.

The KalmX card has the same drawbacks as other versions of the $169 3050 6GB, which includes a lower CUDA core count, base clock speed, and more narrow 96-bit memory bus versus the older 8GB version of the card. But with a true dual-slot design and a length of just 166.3mm, it could also prove popular with users who find more powerful cards straining the dimensions of their PC cases. (Just make sure you’ve got plenty of airflow in there!) Palit did not announce a price or release date for the GeForce RTX 3050 KalmX 6GB.

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