Thermaltake Releases the Latest Premium Liquid Cooling Component Lineup

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is excited to announce that the Pacific SR Radiator and the new-colored Pacific SF Fittings are ready for purchase. A high-quality water cooling system should include components with maximum modification capability and visual attractiveness. The Pacific SR Radiator features detachable side panels for you to customize painting more easily, and the Pacific SF Fittings now come in three colors — silver black, matte black, and white, ensuring a comprehensive selection to meet all your needs.

Pacific SR280/360/420 Radiator — Black/Snow Edition
The Pacific SR Radiator is a slim radiator with 28mm thickness, and its compact size can offer enormous placement flexibility. This series has 3 models: the Pacific SR360 that fits 120mm fans, and the Pacific SR280 and Pacific SR420 that fit 140 mm fans. The Pacific SR Radiator has black and snow editions to choose; contributing to the modular design, you can take off the detachable side panels of the radiator and paint them in any color you like. Furthermore, this radiator is crafted with flat tubes and 17 FPI fin density, paired with high-static pressure fans can offer an exceptional cooling solution.

Pacific SF Fittings — Silver Black/Matte Black/White
Pacific SF Fittings incorporate 10 models, which can be divided into three categories — adapters, extenders, and 16mm OD compression fittings. Silver black was released earlier and now two more new colors, matte black and white, are also available. They inherit the new industrial style appearance, and their design focuses on installation convenience and appealing aesthetics. The Pacific SF Fittings are made with high-quality and special-finished brass, and they feature helical knurling-designed rotators, making your systems look sleek and easy to install. Regarding adapters and extenders, their rotators’ 2-way and 360-degree revolvable design also facilitates a simplified installation and disassembly process.

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