Google to Spend $26.9 Million on AI Training in Europe

From PC Mag: Google has pledged 25 million euros, or approximately $26.9 million, toward furthering AI education and training in Europe, the tech giant said Monday.

"Europe can lead the way in harnessing AI to create a strong and equitable economy—with more productive industries, more meaningful work and many new kinds of jobs," says Matt Brittin, Google's President of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa. "We want to play our part in empowering Europe's workforce, supporting people through change, so that everyone can benefit."

The $26.9 million in educational funding comes from Google's nonprofit arm and is intended to support AI training and skill development for those in Europe deemed "vulnerable and underserved," Google says.

About $10.8 million will go toward giving Europe-based workers AI know-how so they won't be "left behind." The funds will also be used to add more language options for Google's free AI courses. Google also promised to expand its Google Career Certificates to add more AI-related content as a part of its latest Europe effort.

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