Airbnb Bans the Use of Indoor Security Cameras in Rentals

From CNET: Airbnb is banning the use of indoor security cameras at its rentals worldwide as of April 30, the company said this week, citing the privacy of its guests.

Under its old policy, Airbnb hosts could place cameras "in common areas of listings, such as hallways and living rooms, as long as they were disclosed on the listing page before booking, clearly visible and were not located in spaces like sleeping areas and bathrooms," the company said in a Monday blog post announcing the change.

Airbnb says it made the decision to change its camera policy based on conversations with users as well as privacy experts and advocacy groups.

It added that most Airbnb locations don't have indoor security cameras according to their listings, so the company expects only a small number of properties to be affected. Listed hotels are still permitted to have cameras that monitor indoor common spaces, like lobbies, hallways and restaurants. Though Airbnb is better known for home and apartment rentals, the service also includes boutique hotels.

As has been reported previously, there have been cases of Airbnb renters finding undisclosed cameras while staying at properties -- even, in one Toronto case, a video camera hidden in a clock pointed at the bed.

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