Maingear’s hidden-cable aesthetic goes mainstream with Project Zero PCs

From PC World: If you were impressed by Maingear’s limited-edition release of the Zero Drop desktop and its rear-connection cable technology, you’ll be happy to hear that you now can begin ordering the Zero Series of prebuilt gaming PCs.

At CES 2024, Maingear debuted the Maingear Zero Drop and the Maingear NV9 Zero, based on Maingrear’s MG-RC (Maingear Rear Connection) technology. It’s Maingear’s response to the so-called War on Cables, dating back to 2022. The idea is that migrating as many cables to the rear of the motherboard, rather than the front, makes for an aesthetically cleaner look and eliminates the impediments to airflow those cables cause. It’s that technology that serves as the foundation for the Zero series.

Maingear has begun taking orders for the Maingear Zero series, which ranges from the Silver configuration (Core i5-14440F/RTX 4060/16GB DDR5/1TB SSD, $1,399) on up to the Ultimate configuration (Core i9-14900K/RTX 4090/32GB DDR5/2TB SSD, $3,929). MSI offers “boost” configurations which double the RAM and SSD capacity for about $300 more.

Finally, MSI will offer custom configurations, as well and offers zero-percent financing.

According to Maingear, these new desktops feature MSI’s MAG Pano M100 PZ MATX chassis that is factory-designed to support MG-RC-equipped motherboards, specifically MSI Project Zero motherboards. It’s the design that Maingear showed off at CES as the Zero Drop.

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