Elgato Debuts Redesigned Facecam Featuring HDR

From Elgato Press Release: Elgato today announced Facecam MK.2, bringing even more capabilities to the 1080p60 webcam of choice for creators. The latest model offers everything users love about Facecam, plus new features like HDR, a built-in privacy shutter, and pan-tilt-zoom effects. With improved image quality, Facecam MK.2 ensures streamers and professionals look as true-to-life as ever—even in dim lighting. Its sleek design fits naturally in modern workspaces, while a lower profile enhances eye contact.

Starting today, Facecam MK.2 is available to order online, with availability at other retailers soon. Users can get its tailored software, Camera Hub, free on the Elgato website.

“Back in 2021, we engineered Facecam to be the best webcam for creators,” said Rolf Bartz, Elgato’s Principal Vision Architect. “Facecam MK.2 builds on this legacy, improving in almost every aspect while offering more software control and more lighting versatility. I can’t think of another webcam that offers this much power and versatility at this price point.”

Improved image quality
Leveraging the latest technology, Facecam MK.2 delivers superior detail and color accuracy versus its predecessor. Upgraded sensitivity means Facecam MK.2 performs better in low-light conditions too, such as dark gaming rooms or late nights in the office. The result is a professional, vibrant image that pushes the boundaries of Full HD video.

Ultra-smooth HDR
With Facecam MK.2, high-contrast lighting no longer poses a challenge. HDR technology ensures true-to-life color and detail, even against bright office windows or in dark rooms accented by LED lights. What’s more, Facecam MK.2 captures HDR in full HD at a remarkable 60 frames per second—twice as fast as most other webcams—for supremely smooth and sharp video.

Privacy built in
Now users can protect their webcam lens—and their privacy—with a simple swipe. Facecam MK.2 has a built-in shutter that slides into place. This eliminates the hassle of searching for lost caps or fumbling over snap-on covers. With Facecam MK.2, peace of mind is always within easy reach.

Low-profile appearance
With a reengineered mount and smaller form factor, the new Facecam blends seamlessly into any setup. Perched lower on monitors, Facecam MK.2 offers an ultra-secure fit and improved eye contact on camera. Its sleek, compact design not only brings a modern look to workspaces but also minimizes eyeline distractions—while keeping screens unobstructed. Like the original, Facecam MK.2 also attaches easily to boom arms and mounting rigs using a standard 1/4-inch thread.

Zoom, tilt, and pan
Now, framing the perfect shot is easier than ever. Facecam MK.2 offers users even more lens control with the ability to tilt vertically and pan sideways. For the first time, creators can fine-tune their field of view on demand, using either Camera Hub or Stream Deck. Whether it’s to center their face in frame or to crop out a messy room, Facecam MK.2 frees users to set the scene.

High-def slow motion
For video creators, Facecam MK.2 records ultra-smooth slow-mo like a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It’s capable of 120 frames per second in HD resolution (720p), capturing even the fastest movements in every detail. When connected by USB 3.0 and set to slow-mo, Facecam MK.2 can make any scene cinematic—from dancing to spraying champagne to drum rolls.

About Facecam
Since its debut in 2021, Facecam has become a favorite of creators and professionals around the world. Capturing uncompressed* 1080p60 video, Facecam quickly won over critics with its unmatched clarity and low-light performance. It also introduced Camera Hub software, offering users deep DSLR-style controls via their computer or Stream Deck. Its success led to Facecam Pro, the world’s first 4K60 webcam—and a titan capable of rivaling many pro cameras. Today, Facecam MK.2 returns to its roots, reimagining the original Facecam for a modern audience.

*When connected by USB 3.0, otherwise MJPEG