Oura's New 'Labs' Mode Lets You Be the Judge of New Smart Ring Features

From CNET: Oura, the smart ring that gives you notes on your sleep, measures your stress, helps you track your menstrual cycle and more, is pushing your hand even further into health tracking. The company behind the smart ring on Wednesday announced Labs, a platform in the Oura app that will allow you to test out wellness features and give feedback to researchers while they're still in the research and development phase.

Labs is only available on iOS for now. The first feature to roll out if you opt into labs, starting today, is Symptom Radar, which Oura says is designed to monitor for "significant changes" across the different trends of biometric data, including body temperature, respiratory rate, resting heart rate and heart-rate variability.

If anything seems off, Oura says you'll get a notification in the Home view under Readiness Score. Once enabled, Symptom Radar will replace Rest Mode prompts.

Like other wearable features that track deviations in your health data, Symptom Radar shouldn't be used for diagnoses and should instead be used a tool to better understand your body's patterns.

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