Ampere rides again as Nvidia unveils single-slot RTX A1000 and A400 for professionals

From Tom's Hardware: Nvidia has shaken the cob webs off its Ampere GPU architecture by announcing two brand-new professional GPUs based on its previous-generation architecture. The RTX A1000 and A400 target the entry-level professional market, with specifications that boasting GPU specifications that are either similar or far worse than the consumer-grade RTX 3050. These won't likely be the best graphics cards, even for professionals, but they'll probably fill a very specific niche.

The two new GPUs fill out the bottom of Nvidia's professional RTX product stack. The RTX A400 and RTX A1000 come with super small half-height, single-slot blower-style coolers and a 50W TBP (Total Board Power) rating. No external power connectors are required. But while the TBPs might be the same, under the hood there are some pretty massive differences.

The A1000 is the most comparable to the RTX 3050, featuring 2,304 CUDA cores (the same as the 3050 6GB), 72 Tensor cores, 18 RT cores, and 8GB of GDDR6 memory operating on a 128-bit bus (192GB/s of bandwidth). It's basically the same GPU as the later RTX 3050 8GB variant that used GA107 rather than the initial GA106.

Single-precision FP32 performance is rated at 6.7 TFLOPS, RT performance is 13.2 TFLOPs, with 53.8 TFLOPS of FP16 performance from the Tensor cores. All of those figures are quite a bit lower than the RTX 3050, but that's because the GPU is limited to 50W, where the 3050 GA107 was a 115W part. The A1000 also comes with one video encoder and two video decoders, but the encoder is a generation older meaning it does not have AV1 encode support (but the card can decode AV1 video).

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