Microsoft's AI Recall Feature for Copilot Plus PCs Sees Backlash From Security Experts

From CNET: It's only been two weeks since Microsoft unveiled Windows Recall as a key feature of its Copilot artificial intelligence tool, but the software feature is already being blasted by security experts.

The feature, which tracks all activity on a Windows computer to make things easier to find later using natural language, is being labeled a hackable security disaster. At least one white-hat hacker already created a tool that can extract sensitive data from Recall. It's called, naturally, TotalRecall and is available on Github now.

The feature is part of a new generation of PCs that Microsoft announced at its Build event and that it labeled Copilot Plus, set to launch on June 18.

Using AI, Recall is supposed to capture data from across all applications, unless you exclude any, by taking a series of screenshots and storing these interactions in a database. It runs locally and can function without an internet connection and even when you're not logged in to your Microsoft account.

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