Netflix Is Testing a New Layout Design for TVs

From CNET: Netflix is running a beta test for a redesign of its TV app's layout, the streaming giant announced on Thursday. The company said people in the test group will see simpler home screen navigation with hyper-personalized recommendations and title information. At this time, the beta program is limited to a select group of global Netflix subscribers.

Upon opening the TV app, testers will notice the main menu has been moved to the top of the home screen and condensed to four navigation options instead of seven: Home, Shows, Movies and My Netflix. It's a switch from the menu appearing on the left side that includes options for search, "New & Popular" and categories.

My Netflix was introduced as a new feature last summer for Android and iOS mobile devices. It serves as an all-in-one hub for downloads, shows and movies you've liked and the "My List" section equipped with extra tools for sorting and filtering. Beta users who click on the tab in the TV version of the app will have a similar ability to access things in one place such as watch lists, the Continue Watching row, reminders, trailers you've seen or titles you've marked with a thumbs up.

The streamer is experimenting with fine-tuning its personalization features as well, with the aim of tailoring a title's details to you while having it all appear in a more centralized, consistent place. What's displayed on screen will be more customized to your tastes and habits. For example, if a renewed show has an upcoming new season, the release date and time may surface in the show's tile along with the synopsis, cast names or awards. Patrick Flemming, Netflix's senior director of member product, explained to CNET that one viewer's experience may be different from another's, including the artwork you see on the screen for a specific movie or series.

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