SilverStone’s 2,500-watt PSU can run four RTX 4090s at once

From PC World: There was a time, many moons ago, when you could reliably boost your PC graphics performance simply by shoving as many GPUs as you could fit (and afford) inside the case. In the heyday of Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire, there was a need—or at least a demand—for such excess.

SilverStone’s new HELA 2050R feels like a throwback to those times, except remixed with the latest high-powered tech.

The HELA 2500R doesn’t just pack an eye-popping amount of power at 2,500 watts—it also comes with all the modular connections you’d need to actually use that sinful amount of electricity.

And that includes four 12V-2×6 connections, the kind that are used to power the biggest and baddest cards on the market (like the RTX 4090), plus seven 8-pin connections (for other CPUs and GPUs) and another four 6-pin SATA connections (just for the hell of it).

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