iFixit says Surface 2024 devices are even more repairable

From PC World: Microsoft’s Arm-powered Surface Pro tablet and Surface Laptop are the next big thing in PC hardware, but what happens when they break? That’s when you head over to iFixit, search for a repair guide, and maybe even look for replacement parts.

As they’ve done for several years, iFixit has torn down the latest Microsoft Surface hardware to see how easy they are to fix.

Microsoft has been pushing devices that can be repaired by end users (or, at least, by someone who knows their way around a Torx screw). And according to iFixit’s presenter Shahram Mokhtari, the latest devices live up to that even though it seemed as if the Qualcomm Snapdragon-based hardware would make it a harder job.

The new Surface Laptop is extremely accessible when it comes to its main compartment, with just four screws under the removable laptop feet and a few magnets holding the bottom cover in place. From there you just need to remove a few screws with a 3IP Torx driver to get the battery out.

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