YouTube now lets you request removal of AI-generated content that simulates your face or voice

From TechCrunch: Meta is not the only company grappling with the rise in AI-generated content and how it affects its platform. YouTube also quietly rolled out a policy change in June that will allow people to request the takedown of AI-generated or other synthetic content that simulates their face or voice. The change allows people to request the removal of this type of AI content under YouTube’s privacy request process. It’s an expansion on its previously announced approach to responsible AI agenda first introduced in November.

Instead of requesting the content be taken down for being misleading, like a deepfake, YouTube wants the affected parties to request the content’s removal directly as a privacy violation. According to YouTube’s recently updated Help documentation on the topic, it requires first-party claims outside a handful of exceptions, like when the affected individual is a minor, doesn’t have access to a computer, is deceased, or other such exceptions.

Simply submitting the request for a takedown doesn’t necessarily mean the content will be removed, however. YouTube cautions that it will make its own judgment about the complaint based on a variety of factors.

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