Asus motherboards now support native Windows RGB controls

From PC World: As someone who’s drowning in gaming keyboards, I think I have the authority to say that most Windows apps created by manufacturers for programming RGB lights suck—especially Armoury Crate from Asus.

Which is why it’s great that Dynamic Lighting is making such apps unnecessary for Asus motherboards, at least for some functions.

Dynamic Lighting is Microsoft’s attempt to unify these bling management apps with an all-in-one solution on Windows 11. It means that if you use a Corsair keyboard, a Razer mouse, a HyperX headset, and a Gigabyte motherboard, you don’t need four different apps in your notification tray in order to make your desktop setup look like a miniature rave.

At least, that’s the idea. In reality, support for Dynamic Lighting is rolling out at a glacial pace, even though several major players—including Logitech, Razer, Acer, HP (HyperX), SteelSeries, and Acer—have signed up to be part of the program.

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