Logitech Introduces New Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

From Tom's Hardware: The Cordless Desktop Wave Pro consists of a new Logitech keyboard which is, according to Logitech, shaped in a wave key frame design, U-shaped constant curve and cushioned palm rest. The reported end result of this design? The company claims you’ll be able to pick up on using it immediately, "in comparison to ergonomic keyboards."

Both the keyboard and the included MX100 Cordless Laser Mouse use 2.4GHz wireless technology. This ergo-friendly keyboard-mouse combination prices for around $130 and will be available in October.

The mouse - another new Logitech product - is noted for a full-sized shape which offers better palm support, an included USB plug (when sold in the bundle) which lets you charge it while working, two scrolling modes, eight programmable buttons and adjustable dpi up to 1600. It is also sold separately, available this month for around $80.

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