Panasonic Shows Compact Camera With Interchangeable Lens

From PC World: Panasonic has developed a digital still camera that straddles the boundary between compact point-and-shoot models and larger SLR (single lens reflex) cameras.

The Lumix DMC-G1 has interchangeable lenses, a feature usually only found on SLR cameras, but Panasonic has done away with the bulky mirror and prism used in SLR viewfinders, so light comes through the DMC-G1's lens and straight to an image sensor. The result is a camera that is much smaller and lighter than an SLR while still retaining some -- but not all -- of the benefits those models have.

Panasonic unveiled the camera on Friday in Tokyo and will show it at next week's Photokina show in Germany. It will be available in Japan, Europe and North America in October and will cost around ¥80,000 (US$747), €800 (US$1,120) and US$800 respectively. It's aimed at casual users who want to take better pictures than is possible with a compact camera but don't want a bulky SLR.

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