Seinfeld and Gates hit the road for Vista

From CNET Those left scratching their heads after Microsoft's first new ad may find themselves just as itchy after the follow-up spot.

The second in Microsoft's series of new ads airs Thursday night, featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld moving in with a family of "real people" in order to connect with them. The humor seems slightly better to me, but the references to Microsoft's products remain tangential.

In this spot, whose plot appears taken from every sit-com ever made, the two displace a adolescent girl from her room. In an effort to get her room back, she and her siblings set Seinfeld and Gates up as having stolen a family heirloom. That ultimately prompts Gates and Seinfeld to hit the road, with Gates taunting the girl on the way out: "You're not so real."

The latest spot is a two-part ad, with the first part showing on CBS' Big Brother. (an extended version with both parts of the ad should post tonight to At the end of the new spot, Seinfeld again asks Gates to give him a sign if he's on the right track in guessing what's next. Thankfully, there was no repeat of the butt-wiggle. This time, Gates does his version of the 1980s robot dance.

The ads are the beginnings of an expensive and ambitious effort by Microsoft to try to reclaim the Windows image after letting rival Apple mock it for years.

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