Apple releases patch for critical DNS flaw

From CNET Apple released a security update Thursday to users of its Tiger and Leopard operating systems to address a critical and well-publicized Domain Name System flaw, along with a dozen other updates.

The DNS flaw, which was first reported by Dan Kaminsky of IOActive on July 8, could allow attackers to redirect Web site visitors to any site they choose and present forged information. The DNS translates the common name of a Web site into its numerical IP address, and is therefore a fundamental component to the Internet.

During the second pre-Black Hat security conference Webinar on July 24, Kaminsky provided the most information to date about the DNS flaw he found earlier this year but only disclosed in public on July 8. His announcement coincided with a massive, multivendor patch release. But he withheld details, hoping that most people would get their systems patched before the bad guys got a hold of it.

However, an exploit code that could allow someone to attack the DNS was available in various places on the Internet on July 23.

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