iPhone 2.2 Update Gets Jailbroken

From PC World: If you're into iPhone gimmicks and unsupported Apple applications, DevTeam released PwnageTool 2.2 to help you jailbreak the latest 2.2 iPhone software update available from Apple since Friday.

Two free software tools are available from the DevTeam to help you jailbreak your iPhone, namely QuickPwn and PwnageTool. However, only the latter preserves the iPhone's baseband firmware, giving you the maximum chance for any upcoming software unlock. As usual, using just the iTunes update method will lock back any previously jailbroken iPhone.

Jailbreaking your iPhone means that you can install third-party applications unsupported by Apple a new functionalities. Jailbreaking your iPhone does not mean that you will be able to use your Apple device on other wireless networks other than the one you bought it from (unlocking).

The DevTeam warns that using QuickPwn, available for both PCs and Macs, will modify your iPhone's baseband firmware (internal components software that handles the phone calls and Internet access) meaning that you will not be able to use any future release of a software tool that could unlock (soft unlock) your Apple phone from your current wireless carrier.

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